Golden Delicious

Blue Sparks and Gold Paint


Welded mild steel armature, stretched mesh steel, foam, fabric

- 3 small solar lights
- outdoor protective sealant.

76 cm X 76 cm X 91 cm


For sale — Can $1750.

Golden Delicious is beautifully animated and lights up mysteriously at night time.

Golden Delicious is best suited on a porch or covered balcony.

I cannot say where in my imagination Golden Delicious came from but rise she did. Few creatures embody the process of transformation as well as the Snake.

We can easily identify with their ability to shed their skin as a symbol of regeneration. We like to worship the Snake as a Goddess; a protector, a symbol of femininity and feminine power. On our journey toward self-realization and enlightenment, we attempt  to awaken the Snake within us, for guidance and healing.

The Snake teaches us to be defensive and protective too; to be proud and confident.

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