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About Sarah

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Sarah Cowley’s art brings joy and wonderment to the viewer whether it be a sculpture, an etching, a mask or diorama. Interestingly, Sarah’s formal studies have been in the fields of horticulture and medicine. She lives a life of adventure and exploration. All this is strongly reflected in her art work.

Sarah’s art has been shown in private galleries, public galleries and
internationally. She works mostly alone but enjoys working collaboratively with other artists to support and promote new cultural initiatives. Sarah has received several awards for her art pieces.

Using many media gives Sarah space to follow creative urges. She begins with a strong design, an armature and adds layer upon layer until the personality of the piece presents itself. This is the wild card which always surprises and delights her.

Sarah’s studio is in Beaverton, Ontario.


  1. “Afternoon Delight”, Newmarket Juried Art Show, Old Town Hall Gallery, NewMarket ON, April 2024
  2. “The Messenger”, Letters to the Earth: Between Despair and Hope, Chapter 2, Juried Art Show, The Georgina Centre for the Arts and Culture, Sutton ON, Spring 2024
  3. “The Messenger”, Juror’s Choice Award, Life’s Moods, 31st Juried Exhibition, Whitby Station Gallery 2023
  4. Print Makers Festival, Georgina Arts Centre, Sutton ON, October 26 To November 26 2023
  5. Life Lines, 25th International Women’s Day Art Show, OMAH, Orillia ON, April 23 to July 16 2022
  6. TOMPE, The Ontario Miniature Print Exhibition, Juried Show, London, ON, August 17 to 27 2022
  7. Reimagine, 26th International Women’s Day Art Show, OMAH, OMAH, Orillia ON, April 20 to July 22 2023
  8. Hopefulness, Letters to the Earth: Between Despair and Hope, Juried Show, Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora ON, June 3 to August 23 2023
  9. Eighth international Miniature Print Biennale Exhibition, juried show, Ottawa School of Art, October 19 to November 22 2020
  10. Pop-Up Gallery, one woman show, Beaverton, August 22 to September 6, 2020
  11. TOMPE, The Ontario Miniature Print Exhibition, juried show, London Ontario, August 7 to August 15 2020
  12. ON THE EDGE 24th Annual International Women’s Day Art Show, Orillia, February 8 to April 12 2020
  13. Celebration of the Arts 2019 – Uxbridge juried art show. Placing First Place in ‘Tiny Art’ with, I Wasn’t Expecting This, mixed media.
  14. Art on the Fringe, exhibition venue Uxbridge annual art show , 2019
  15. Celebration of the Arts 2018 – Uxbridge juried art show. Placing First Place in ‘Mixed Media’ with, Tea Time
  16. Station Gallery Juried Art Show 2017– Whitby. Showing piece Inside Out.
  17. Station Gallery Juried Art Show 2016 – Whitby. Showing piece, I Spy
  18. Station Gallery 2016 – Whitby. Showing piece Crawl Baby show cased in front foyer
  19. Station Gallery Juried Art Show 2016 – Whitby. Showing piece Madre Gata, Guardiana de la Tierra. Won People’s Choice Award.
  20. LOAG – Sunderland, private gallery 2013. Showing piece Queen Sheila


  1. Juror’s Choice Award, Whitby Station Gallery 2023, “The Messenger”
  2. First Place- Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts, 2019. Tiny Art, “I Wasn’t Expecting This”
  3. First Place- Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts, 2018. Mixed Media, “Tea Time”
  4. Privileged Space Foyer- Whitby Station Gallery 2016. “Crawl Baby”
  5. People’s Choice Award – Whitby Station Gallery 2015. “Madre Gata, Guardiana de la Tierra”


1999 Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy
Dr. Vodder School, Victoria, British Columbia

1997 Diploma of Massage Therapy
Sutherland-Chan School and Technology Clinic , Toronto, Ontario

1991 Diploma in Nursing Applied Arts and Technology
Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario
Received the Ingrid Kazin Memorial Scholarship Award

1984 Diploma in Agriculture,
University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario