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Spotlight Moments

Summer of 2023

    Way back in the early 1980’s I lived in Papua New Guinea. I had some shells and seed pods from a necklace made there but sadly broke…


      private commission in a small window.
      Layered coloured glass in a wooden frame, creating a small but intriguing space.

      Art on the Fringe!

        Come by the Uxbridge Museum Historical Centre! Visit me with my etchings and sculptures!

        Shades of Hope Sells Out!

          Sales from the etching “Shades of Hope” Received by Founder and board president of Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge, Gail Lenters! The money was donated on the ‘Giving Tuesday’ which means $1000 was matched dollar for $2000 for shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge from… Read More »Shades of Hope Sells Out!

          The Carousel - sculpture

          The Carousel

            An engaging piece of working art  – creating an atmosphere of enchantment.